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SE 60 Series End Mill KSO


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RDT inserts and reinforced holders have been added to the RHINO-GROOVE family.


TaeguTec has added RDT inserts and reinforced holders to the RHINO-GROOVE family. The RDT inserts with a T-type chip breaker are ideal for turning and grooving. The reinforced holders feature a shorter depth of cut (CDX) in order to reduce vibration and improve machinability.



  • Precision T-type chip breaker inserts are ideal for turning and grooving
  • High precision external turning and grooving with G tolerance insert
  • Available in various widths and corner radii upon request
    Insert’s cutting edge for flat workpiece bottom machining
  • Cermet grade CT3000 available for good surface finish
  • Higher rigidity holders for shallow grooving: shorter depth of cut (CDX)
  • Stable tool life


RDT insert features

  • T-type chip breaker is ideal for grooving and turning of steel, stainless steel and especially cast iron
  • Good chip control in multidirectional machining due to the insert’s unique chip breaker